Thursday, January 3, 2013

Entertainment Center Kitchen

For Christmas this year, my husband & I decided to transform an entertainment center into a kitchen for our girls. I saw one a lonnnnnnnnng time ago online, then we went up to my grandparents house and my grandpa had made one for all his great-granddaughters (they're up to 5 so far, with 2 more on the way) to play with at their house. Our girls LOVED playing with it. That gave us the "umph" to press forward and actually get one done for Christmas.
I went home, searched Pinterest, and couldn't find one that fit our taste. At all. We decided to just go with what we like, kind of make it up as we went.
I don't have a "before" picture of it... We were too eager to get it going that I spaced it.

First, my husband had to move the "fridge" wall over so it would match up with the "freezer".
Then he built a door, and matched the bottom one with the same wood.
He used that same wood for a base for the stove top.
**For the stove knobs, we used little wooden circles from Hobby Lobby (don't forget your coupon!).
For the burners we used rubber Coasters from Target**

Then he cut a hole into the main area to fit a bowl & faucet.
**The bowl is a doggy dish that we got at Ross. The faucet was the cheapest one we could find at Home Depot**
Next up was sanding, priming, painting.
**For the "stainless" appliances, we used Martha Stewart's Polished Silver Metallic Paint from The Home Depot**
The silver paint is AWESOME! I didn't even use half the bottle for everything, and we did at least 2 coats over it all. Good stuff. Affordable too!
**I don't know the name off the pink paint, it was an "Oops" paint that we got for $1**
 I thought I was doing awesome at painting... Until I got home and looked in the mirror. Ha.
More painting.
We decided to go with bead board to go behind the sink/stove. I LOVE it!
We also decided to take our the drawer in the middle, I didn't want smushed fingers, is shut reallllly fast!

We had leftover fabric from the curtains in our laundry room, so I sewed some curtains for the "window" we were putting in, and to cover up the drawer hole.
Ta da!
**I used one of my photographs for the "window". The frame & mini curtain rob are from Hobby Lobby. The handles for the Stove, Fridge, & Freezer are from Lowes.**
We did this, dare I say, little project at my parents house... In their basement.
We decided to move it to our house the morning of Christmas Eve. That thing is a BEAST! I swear it weighs 400lbs... Ok. Maybe not that much, but it was heavy.
Thank heavens for help from the family!
They loaded it up, and it started snowing. MAJOR!!
Poor husband sat in the back with it to make sure it was ok....
Christmas morning!!!
They love it.
We love it.
Totally worth every minute making it perfect.

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