Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cupcake Baby Announcement

 I know, I know... I've been MIA for a while now... I have spent the last couple weeks focusing on our "soon to be" addition and how we were going to announce it to our families.

I LOVE fun baby announcements!! I really wanted this one to be fabulous. I searched ALLLLLLLLLLLL over Pinterest for some ideas. I couldn't find anything that stuck out to me... So, I made this up as I went.

My husband's birthday was on Friday, Feb 15th, so we decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to have everyone together. (We announced our 1st babe on his birthday as well, lol) I decided that a Cafe Rio dinner would be FABULOUS. We {heart} Cafe Rio. Then I thought it would be fun to play 2 games, just so people wouldn't catch onto the 2nd game~ aka "The Announcement".

I started off the day by making the super cute cupcakes.

Food coloring? Check!
Cupcake liners? Check!
Babies? Check!
Cake mix split and colored? Check!
I put a little pink in the bottom of each liner first.
Then added the babies, which was kind of disturbing....
After the pink, I did a layer of white and then blue.
I finished off with white on the top.
Baked the cupcakes.
When they first came out, I was kind of sad that some of the pink made it's way to the top. But then quickly realized that frosting would be covering the goodies. Duh.
Frosted all pretty like.
I made sure all the pink wasn't visible...
Another thing I was bummed about, the pink showing through the cupcake on the bottom layer.
Annnnnd then, I realized that people would be focusing too much on the "game". Ha.
At the party, we all ate our SUPER YUMMY homemade Cafe Rio. Sooo good. Then we all moved upstairs to play "Pin the Heart on the Giraffe". Yes. I hearts & giraffe. We went to Target, couldn't find the Donkey, but they had the giraffe for Valentine's Day. It worked out just fine. We handed a goody bag to the winner of that game, then moved onto the next.
"Find the Quarter in your Cupcake". Ha.
We told all our guests that we had hidden a quarter in ONE cupcake, and the winner would get the next goody bag....
One by one, they all started finding babies, and then it was revealed.
Hello, baby.
I made these for the last goody bag, so everyone got something at the end. I filled the bags with Skittles, then on the front just put a little card saying "Coming this fall. Lutz. Party of 5"
These were totally last minute, and I'm not super proud of the way they turned out, but they worked. 
Anyways! We are SUPER EXCITED!!
So... Don't be surprised if you see random posts on here... Like Fried Pickles... Yummmm


  1. Seriously love it!
    I wish I'd done cute announcements but I never had the patience to wait before blabbing.

  2. So cute!!! It makes me laugh that you girls now days are so anxious to "announce" in my day we tried to "hide it as long as possible. I have no idea why. I like this way so much more.
    Wish we could have been there for the fun. I am sooooo excited for you. The third one is the hardest (you only have 2 arms) and after that it is a piece of "cake". Can hardly wait to meet this new one.

    1. That's way funny that you use to hide it back in the day, I wanted to try to hide it as long as I could this time... But I couldn't wait. Hahaha!!
      We wish you could have been here too, I was pretty excited to call and tell you though :) See you Sunday!! Love you!

  3. These are soo cute!

    1. Thank you so much!!
      I just checked out your blog, adorable! You are like one of the cutest pregnant girls EVER! I love your gender reveal party! I am thinking of doing one next month, yay! I might have to use some of your ideas, and link back to you of course. :)