Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Favorite Drying Rack

I know I am crazy, but I don't use our dryer for a lot of our clothes. Our daughters are both super tall, so I don't want their clothes to be shrinking. I also don't like any of my clothes to be dried... The husband learned that the first month of our marriage. Those pants never were the same.... Hahaha


Before I bought this rack, my house would be COVERED in clothing as it dried. The house smelled fabulous, but it was soooooo annoying to have clothes everywhere.

One day we were at my brother & sister's house, she showed me their drying rack and I fell in love. Silly I know. But I know others will feel the same if they air dry their clothes.

We bought this rack about a week ago, and LOVE it. It is fantastic. The shelves fold up. They hold a lot of clothes. It fits PERFECTLY in our little laundry room. Ahhh. Love it.


It was purchased at Ikea. Only $34.99

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