Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Car Shirt

For Father's Day this year, I wanted to do something fun for my dad. I saw this tutorial on Pinterest, and knew that I needed to do this. My dad has 4 granddaughters (& 1 grandson on the way). I thought this would be fantastic for when all the kids were over.

This shirt is so not my idea, I am not that amazing. I got the tutorial & the prints at The Blue Basket (click name for link). It was a hit!! I changed a little to the print- as my daughter picked out Police cars for the shirt because her daddy is a Police Officer. So we changed the Fire Dept building to a Police Dept, added a runway for the plane, and we added a Jail (totally free handed that, and it's not the best, but for someone that can't draw, it was pretty good! lol!)


Started out printing the layout, and taping it together. It didn't print it all, so I had to draw missing pieces.
Placed the shirt on my kids princess table, and slid the layout underneath to trace.
Here are the cars my 3 year old picked out. My husband was very proud of her!
I bought just the cheap fabric markers. I didn't feel like paying $10+ just for fabric markers... Thanks Crayola!
Let the tracing begin...
I called the town "Papaville" for my dad! :)
I decided to add tracings of my daughters hands for memory sake. It was adorable.
All done!
The girls LOVED it!
My dad said it actually felt pretty good on his back!

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