Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Young Women Torch Handout

A couple weeks ago, I made these handouts for our Young Women. Soooooo cute! They were such a big hit. What a great idea! You could totally change these up for any YW occasion, just change "Arise & Shine Forth" to the new theme, or whatever you want it to say.
I found the torch idea HERE. Mine are totally not as perfect as hers, but I (along with the help of my cute hubs) made these in about 30 minutes. The longest part was trying to find the ding dong lemon heads that she used in her torches, but after searching store to store, we purchases Reeces Pieces. I do not regret it. I love me some Reeses. Yummmm.
I found my clear bags at a fabulous place called "PAK-N-Wrap" in Sandy. HERE is the link to their Facebook Page.
They have a ton of great stuff- these clear bags, gift wrap, ribbons, bows, greeting cards, stationary, envelopes, & etc. Awesome place. Will be going there more often.

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